2021 Summer Internship Program

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Changing the industry by changing the conversation

As a collective of independent, curious and culturally attuned specialists our soul purpose is to find new growth through cultural attunement.

We offer summer internships across multiple agencies and departments that aim to teach our interns not just the skills necessary to succeed in their specific field, but the importance that cultural attunement plays in today's industry. Along the way you'll learn from experts in the industry, work for our clients, and produce campaigns.


Ten-Week Program

Starts June 7, 2021


Offered in Huntington Beach & New York City


Paid, Full-Time Positions


Internship Openings

UNITED COLLECTIVE offers more than just internships. We understand that the landscape of our industry moves at the speed of culture and it's our job to stay one step ahead of it. As an intern not only will you work for our clients, but we make it our goal to leave you culturally attuned and ready to change the conversation.

Ten-week program. Paid, full-time positions. Offices in Huntington Beach and New York City.

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Q & A

What city will my internship be in?
UNITED COLLECTIVE has offices on both coasts. Each job description details where the position is offered.
Will I be paid or receive school credit for my internship?
All UNITED COLLECTIVE interns are paid an hourly wage.
What kind of work will I be doing?
The kind of work will vary greatly based on agency and department. All interns will be working on real account work for real agency clients in order to gain the most realistic experience possible.
How long is the internship program?
The UNITED COLLECTIVE internship program is 10 weeks long, from June 7 - August 6, 2021.

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We are a collective of smart, creative, culturally attuned trailblazers with unique cultural and consumer sensibilities that enable us to help brands stay in-step and grow with today's "new" consumer in ways no other marketing group can.